happy (late) valentines day!

yummy cupcakes baked for our family dinner at my parents house last night! I saw the idea on this awesome blog, and they couldn’t have been easier! (or cuter) You just melt some chocolate (I used almond bark), put it in a plastic bag with a corner cut off, and then pipe some hearts on wax paper. It helps to have a piece of paper with hearts traced on it underneath the wax paper.

sadie’s valentines! we had a valentine exchange with my family last night… i think they turned out super cute. my family was arguing about whose had the most hearts/scribbles on it…I think they like Sadie! lol. I gave the ruffly cards away, and found funny and fitting love quotes for different family members.

Some of my favorites were Justin’s:

Albert Einstein said: “Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.”

and Jordan’s: “I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.” ~Unknown

I also made some conversation heart cookies to go with her valentines…they could’ve turned out better, but I was eager to finish them. oh well! they taste good.

what do you like to do for valentine’s day?


  1. I think you may have seen those chocolate hearts on my blog! :) yay! They turned out so cute!

  2. DUH! I should have had our little girl give out valentines!

  3. yup! i knew it was on a good blog 😉

  4. You are so good at doing very cute things for all the special people in your life!!!! Those cupcakes look wonderfully delish!

  5. Oh i just love it! i love looking at your blog! it gives me some really good ideas!

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