can you guess what this little bowl of fun is for? i bet you can...but i’ll show you anyways later in the week!


  1. One of those peek a boo pillows??

    I made your felt pizza by the way! Kadie loves it! Thanks for the inspiration!! :)

  2. An I Spy thingamajig?? Where did you get all the trinkets?

  3. I was thinking letter jars. Where you put an “apple” in the a jar, a “baseball” in the b jar, a “cow” in the c jar, etc.

  4. rewards for potty training?

  5. I am guessing the peekaboo, I spy pillow too.

  6. I am thinking I Spy as well…can’t wait to see what it is for sure!

  7. I-Spy! those looks like fun trinkets!

  8. i spy! I have one made of fleece cut in a circle with a clear window filled with plastic beads. My kids love it!

  9. i knew you’d guess it! it’s for an I spy bag!

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