….has 18 empty gift wrapped boxes in the craft room…decorations for a church party next week.

…is watching the sky finally give up and start sprinkling.

…is hoping sadie feels like her normal self soon. allergies? cold? dunno what it is but she’s soo touchy and irritable lately….which is making for a hard week. I’ve only felt like crying once, at least. can’t say the same for sadie though.

…still on the hunt for an affordable yellow rug for sadie’s room. why is it so hard?

…got to run errands today without the sadester. thanks mom!

…wanting to add this

to our mr. potato head collection. AWESOME, no?

…is glad that even though sadie isn’t feeling great, she still is so cute.

it makes it a TAD bit easier to deal with her.


  1. My sister used to say that the only reason her kids were alive was because they were so cute. haha! Hopefully she feels better and gets back to normal. Glad you found Princess Lea! Don’t they have some cool ones??

  2. have you checked move it elsewhere in san jose, the address is 350 Lincoln Ave, San Jose. Its a consignment store and i heard they have nice rugs and furniture. hope Sadie feels better soon.

  3. Maybe Sadie is getting her molars in?! Yur new Kitchenaid is soooo purty! Love the pewter color.

  4. I think affordable rugs are hard to find, period!

    I wonder about her molars, too. My DD is not herself lately, but her entire mouth is erupting at once.

  5. I’ve been having so much fun reading through your blog. You’re on my igoogle page now!

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