….only have to finish a few things for the girls rooms, then the reveal!

….headed off to Ikea and the Oakland Zoo this morning…can’t wait to see Sadie’s reaction to the animals :)

….have a huge bowl of Pioneer Woman’s salsa in my fridge. anyone want some?

….looking at fog outside…hope it burns off.

….done with Sadie’s quilt as of last night! pictures later…

….surprised that Rory is willing to go to Ikea. The last time we went together (3 years ago) was not fun for either of us. (I’ve been with friends many times since)

….is not surprised that he’s willing to go for a toy for Sadie. He loves to spoil his girl(s).

…is still pondering the stand mixer question. it’s not rocket science, i know. I’ll decide someday!

…has gotta go. pictures later!


  1. My husband hated Ikea the first time we went. He has been converted now that we got a whole huge shelf system for his office. We love that tunnel!

  2. Lauren loves that tunnel from IKEA…she always plays in it when we go. Luckily, my hubby is a shopper and can totally do IKEA!

  3. I am so glad I am not the only one whose husband dislikes shopping at IKEA. We went once (and only once) on a Tuesday morning and he thought it was the worst place he could possibly be. I told him he was lucky I didn’t take him on a Saturday!

  4. so funny! my husband and i can’t go to ikea together either. I wouldn’t want to go with me! the zoo sounds like a blast!

  5. My husband loves going to Ikea with me. He keeps me level headed.
    Ikea can make me want to re-do the whole house. LOL

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