fabric love

binding’s ready…

…for baby’s quilt, all pinned and ready to be quilted….

…just need some free time while sadie’s asleep…night time works best..she’s a light napper. although not today…today i got three and a half hours to myself! wow. miracles DO happen. she’s got a cold though, so no wonder. poor thing.

wondering what this picture is for? well, i went through my scraps awhile ago and filled up a few quart size bags to give away…so i thought i’d do something different this time….the first THREE people to comment on this post will each get a bag o’ scraps! mind you, they’re pretty small, but still big enough for appliques, yo yo’s, button earrings, patchwork, etc!

so, if anyone even wants them….go comment! and hurry! (i like to keep you on your toes 😉

******alright, looks like we’ve got our winners!

Crazy Gecko, Susan, and Care….email me your addresses and i’ll get those bags out to you pronto! (there’s an email link from my profile page) Thanks!


  1. I love that Binding …. It’s totally amazing!!! I’m pretty new to your blog but I’m really loving what I’ve read so far!!! Wahoo!!!


  2. I love scraps You’ve inspired me to make some quilts with white borders-I never really liked them before, but I love them for baby quilts now! Thanks!

  3. pick me! yes! want!!

    gorgeous quilt!

  4. ahhh, stinkers! Looks like I’m fourth in line. I would have loved some of your scraps.

    I love your fabric choices for the quilt….they are beautiful!

  5. shoot, not fast enough, im number 5. lol

  6. I was wondering where the cute fabric for your quilt back is from?

  7. i got the quilt back fabric from this shop:


    it’s Sandi Henderson Farmers Market Pink Petal Party.


  8. great fabrics, and way to go Sadie, nice napping (send a little of that nap love over this way PLEASE!)

  9. Gotta love LONG LONG naps!!!
    way to go Sadie! Hope she feels better though!
    Love ya!

  10. Oh no I can’t get the link to work to your email address … I’ll try a convo you on etsy or could you contact me on thecrazygecko@googlemail.com

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  11. Do you machine quilt your own quilts? I am going to try my first one soon… any pointers?

  12. Hi Jess,

    Just wondered if you got your email issue worked out — I’ve tried three emails with my mailing address so far… Shall I try again? :o)


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