tunic shirt

i’ve had this shirt in my (getting quite ridiculously large) to-be-finished project pile for awhile, just waiting for me to sew on the stringy strap thing. finally did it, mostly because i was afraid of sadie growing out of it before she got to wear the darn thing. inspired by an oliver and s pattern.

recognize the material? i used it for my camera strap cover and a skirt i made myself. can you tell i love it? it was a thrifting find. sorry to not get a good shot of the whole shirt, but sadie just WOULD NOT stand still while i was taking pictures. oh well.

i embroidered the little patch on the front, freehanding it…and basically made the rest of it the same way as my mandarin collared shirt, except for cutting a slit a third of the way down the front for her head, and covering said slit with a few pieces of fabric folded over, and of course adding the tie, sewed around the neck, and then down the ties. i love how it turned out, she looks so cute in it. (i say that about everything though, and yes, i understand i am biased.)


  1. I just found your blog while blog surfing and LOVE it! You are mighty crafty! I have been looking for some fun new crafts and I have found them! I am going to try the kitchen towels, the memory game, the tote bag, and fabric flowers. Thanks again! And keep the creativity coming!

  2. I love the shirt! I also used your fabric poofy flower on a shirt for Amelia last week. Double Cute!!

  3. So cute! And you’re allowed to be biased :)

  4. I completely understand why you would make so many items out of that awesome fabric! Oh and I will be making 20 poofy flowers to go on 20 YW bags for our New beginnings in Feb. right now that seems like a piece of cake, we’ll see come Feb;)

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