play time

this is sadie’s favorite new game…line up the play horses on top of the stable. it’s so cute.

my dad made me the stable, along with some fences, and stalls, when I was a little girl. i was QUITE horse crazy. we recently pulled it out, and sadie loves it.

i made some place mats for sadie’s play table the other night, quick and easy! some muslin, flannel batting, and patchwork is all it took.

please ignore the stray thread…


  1. I remember when you would come over and play with my real horse!!! Remember that?

  2. Wow, those horses bring back SO many memories!!! I’m glad Sadie’s getting good use outta them :)

  3. DARLING table set up and I love the name Sadie :-) ANd how cute is it that she is playing with your old toys!! Love that! We grew up with horses, so I completely relate with being horse crazy! Thanks for being a supporter of!
    Have a great week!

  4. So when will she be able to play with the dishes? :)

  5. Wow, so I thought that was your table! What a very lucky girl!

  6. I love those! I need to paint Kadie’s table so I can decorate it super cute!

  7. I TOTALLY remember those horses — my sister and I collected them!! I was actually just talking about them with my sister today! :o) Ah, memories!

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