primary program? check.

today was our ward’s primary program. (every year the children in our congregation do a program in front of everyone, with short talks and songs) i am in charge of the music in our primary, and taught the kids eight new songs throughout the year. i don’t know how professional music teachers do it! i do have some musical background (some choir, violin and flute), but man! this tested me in whole bunches of ways! i am soo proud of how well the kids did!

in short, it was awesome to see the fruits of my labor for the past year when the kids sang all the words to all the songs (one tiny word mix-up), and to feel their sweet spirits!

that’s it. just wanted to let it out. i’m relieved it’s over 😀


  1. I just got called into my ward’s Primary Presidency, and boy do I appreciate our chorister! Love when those things go well!

  2. Ours is next week! I think the Primary leaders are always glad when it’s all over. 😉 It’s a lot of work! I bet you’re an awesome music leader! :)

  3. we just had our program…I teach 9 sunbeams, and keeping those little ones quiet for over an hour was quite the task! I came armed to sacrament meeting with lots of swedish fish and gummy bears to hand out every couple minutes. worked like a charm :)

    props to the music leaders though,they have the hardest job by far! I bet you did fantastic!

  4. Haha. I’m glad your program went well. Our primary program was today too, but we don’t actually have real primary, just nursery. So it’s always an adventure to watch. :)

  5. I was so bummed I missed it! I bet you all did great!

  6. Our program was today also! We came equipped with little notepads and tiny pencils for them to keep their fingers busy during talks/testimonies. Our eight Sunbeams were so well behaved. So glad it’s behind us! Primary Presidency and the Chorister have such great talents to pull this off…with smiles!! “) Gotta love them.

  7. Not a Primary-related comment at all, but I wanted to say Hi. Sew, Mama, Sew sent me here to look at your Memory Game tutorial (which is great, by the way). I will be back–I love your blog, your tutorials, and Sadie’s name. :) Thanks for inspiring me to get busy on some Christmas crafting.

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