polka dots

blue and white polka dots. what’s better than that? i was inspired by a shirt from wal-mart (of all places!), and made this the other day. i used simplicity pattern 3511 with a few adjustments. i made the back with elastic in it, added elastic to the bottom for a bubble hem effect, and added the ruffle and button thingy on the front. (which i had placed and sewed down about an inch to the right when i realized it was off…nice.)

i’m not showing the back cause…it’s not done. need to sew a few pleats in i think..that’s the fun part about messing with a pattern! you run into roadblocks…that’s when i have the most fun, figuring out how to put together the pieces. forget patterns! they stink anyways.

alright, this picture is just cause she is so cute!

and i love the look she’s giving me here….

sadie: gee mom, made me enough clothes lately? i’m getting a bit sick of these photo shoots.

me: shush. now, pose!


  1. Adorable! And I love the commentary…hhehehe! 😉

  2. I think I’ve had that same conversation with Rayne. haha! Cute ruffle thingy!!

  3. Hi! Just found your great blog through Dollar Store Crafts! I love all of your great tutorials! I signed up to follow you:)

  4. That dress is adorable, and so is your sweet girl!! I am so scared to try to sew from a pattern… it looks like Greek to me. You make it look easy!

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