fabric high chair

i totally got-ok-stole this idea from Jill. (yeah we’re on a first name basis, at least in my head. haha) it’s basically three rectangles sewn together with some velcro to form a kind of harness for when there are no high chairs available. which isn’t often for us, but i figure i’ll keep it in the car for emergencies! i made it purposely gender neutral, so if we have any boys they won’t be subjected to wearing something pink. hah. see her blog for more details on how it’s made!

i think she likes it! (please excuse her hair…no point in doing it before morning nap!)

and then…trying to escape. well, she’ll be distracted by the food when we’re using it, at least!


  1. I have been thinking about making one of these… do you think it would work better backwards? With the velcro etc. behind the chair? I don’t see my little one giving up until it’s off… Love the fabric!

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