…wanting to make one of these for sadie. actually, i want that EXACT one. dad, rory, you up for the challenge?

…finishing up the last of our s’mores bars.

…wishing i felt crafty today

…amazed that sadie can unclothe herself now. great.

…reading new moon again, before the movie comes out next week. (can’t wait!)

…giggling over the ending of this video clip. (alright, laughing so hard i’m crying)

…happy i had a lunch at in ‘n out today with my sister who’s moving to utah in 6 weeks. :(

…sending good wishes to jarom and steph in their job hunts

…excited for chris and cassy and their new baby boy! (going to see them in the hospital tonight!)

…eyeing my last piece of halloween candy. (yes, i did just have some s’mores bar…haha)

…reading Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts…talk about intimidating! (got it from the library…they have a lot more cool craft books than i thought they would!)

…jealous of rory’s new phone. (the droid) it does some pretty cool stuff!

…ignoring the mess on my craft room floor. (what mess?)

…excited for thanksgiving in two weeks! (oh, and my birthday, which is on the 22nd)

…stressed about christmas gifts

…loving glee

…excited about spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. (i’m a simple girl!)


  1. We’re having spaghetti tonight, too!

    So, does this mean Cassy had the baby?!?!? I hope everything went well and I can’t wait to see pictures!

    I keep meaning to check out Glee. I’ve heard some great things…

    I re-read New Moon in preparation for the movie, too. I liked it much better the second time around and can’t wait to see the movie!

    Good luck with the naked baby! Thankfully Ella hasn’t figured that one out yet!

  2. okay now THAT is a darling kitchen! i want it too!

  3. Loved the spoof!!!! Very glad to hear that Chris and Cassy have a new baby:)

  4. The kitchen is so cute, my husband is going to make one for our girls for Christmas, but now I like this one too! Such decisions!

  5. I LOVE that play kitchen! I fell in love with it too! I have a little boy, but I pretty sure he is still going to get one:)

    And Glee makes me smile…I look forward to it all week!

    Its good to be a simple girl:) That way we find pleasure in all the little things that make up our days!

  6. Jess- I’m pretty sure that if we lived closer our husbands would be best friends. (wouldn’t that be awesome?) Anyway- Sean is jealous that Rory got a driod… he wants one soooo bad.

    I’m sure those boys could create the replica kitchen. It’d be a great project for them. And you could make the curtains and details and whatnot–perfect family project. I love it.

    PS- I love reading your blog. You have fun ideas and present them very well.

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