cargo pants refashion

yesterday was salvation army’s 50% off day, so i picked up these girls pants with a drawstring for $1.05. nice!

i have been wanting to try samster mommy’s cargo pants tutorial for awhile, so i was just waiting til i found something that would work.

i. love. these. i don’t often show rory my projects, but i had to show these off right away. his response? “cool.”

don’t know why i try. whatever!

i followed the tutorial closely, but i used a commenter’s tip:

“sew the drawstring ends to a piece of elastic which is about half the length of the waist, and just thread that through the waistband. I anchor it by sewing through the centre back of the waistband so it never falls out and the ends are always even. The piece of elastic is enough to make the drawstring stretchy enough that you can pull the pants on and off without untying the drawstring if you like.”

it worked perfectly! i love the outcome, and the fact that sadie got a cute pair of pants for $1.05 and an hour of my time. awesome!


  1. Very cute!!

  2. Those are so cute! I’m glad you found my tip helpful, and of course I don’t mind you posting it – I’m flattered :-)

  3. As usual, love it!

  4. I love the bows on the pockets! Those are the cutest!

  5. SO SO CUTE! You did a great job, they look just like Samsters! This makes my day (:

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