shirt from scratch

does anyone else feel slightly ill/majorly jealous when you look at the make it and love it blog? ashley makes me weep with craft angst.

as in, i want to do EVERYTHING she does.

to make myself feel better, every once in a while i do one of her insanely cute, easy projects, and kick myself for not being as cool as her.

like this shirt tutorial.

i finished it with time to spare during nap time yesterday. i picked up a ribbed knit stretch fabric remnant at joann’s for $1.66. that, and an old tank top made this a CHEAP shirt and project. after putting it on, i saw that the neck was waay too wide, so i did a few pleats on the back to bring it in, so just trust me that she’s not flashing anyone anymore.

also bear with me, i couldn’t pick my favorite picture. because of course, after you make a shirt, you have to have a photo shoot! i gave sadie some goldfish crackers, and we were in business!

since i know you’re sick of seeing my playroom wall, i took her to our front yard.

lots of leaves to play with, and dogs to listen to!
also, (some) flowers still standing!

a lady walking her dog past us commented that sadie is a good walker. and she really is. too good. i’m chasing after her most of the time. where did my little baby go? and where did this toddler come from?


  1. That shirt is amazing!

  2. That shirt is amazing!

  3. That shirt is amazing!

  4. That shirt is amazing!

  5. That shirt is amazing!

  6. That shirt is amazing!

  7. That shirt is amazing!

  8. That shirt is amazing!

  9. That shirt is amazing!

  10. That shirt is amazing!

  11. And… she is a like cutie!

  12. And… she is a like cutie!

  13. And… she is a like cutie!

  14. And… she is a like cutie!

  15. And… she is a like cutie!

  16. And… she is a like cutie!

  17. And… she is a like cutie!

  18. And… she is a like cutie!

  19. And… she is a like cutie!

  20. And… she is a like cutie!

  21. Verrrrry cute shirt! I want one….and sadie soooooo big!

  22. Yep, I envy Make It And Love It. I have this little ruffle shirt tucked away in my “to do” favorites folder. haha!

  23. So super cute!! And I love her piggytails, too! :)

  24. That is adorable. . . will also have to add that to my list of things to make. No excuses now on clothing projects with my new, handy dandy serger. I totally get you on the craft angst that develops from browsing all of the amazing blogs out there. But, without them, I’d probably not be driven to keep on sewing and trying new things.

  25. Super cute, and yes I’m also so envious of make it and love it. I keep forgetting to mention that our girls must be really close in age, maybe just a couple weeks apart. Kinda fun!

  26. Love it, very girlie and her piggies are darling!!

  27. super cute! i think you always do great projects!!! and i totally agree that our little ones grow up too fast!

  28. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I opened up your blog today and loved the music that you had playing on your playlist. It was Emilie Mover and Ingrid Michaelson. I had never heard their songs before so thanks for introducing us!! =)

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