charlie and lola

i don’t know what it is exactly about this show, but i’ve fallen head over heels for charlie and lola.

sadie has too, luckily.

it’s one of the shows we both really love watching. she even asks for “lala”. we usually watch it before her morning nap to chill out. it’s cute, it’s british, it’s quirky. i love the different patterns they use for everything-lola’s outfits, wallpaper, the beds. i gotta say, charlie is much more patient than i ever was as an older sibling. or am now. hehe. their cute little accents are adorable…and i want a sizzles the dog.

i also really, really want these for….sadie. yep. sadie.

anyone else have some love for charlie and lola?


  1. Luv Charlie and Lola too!!

  2. Yes, i love that show and i don’t even have a kid for an excuse of loving that show!!! Its adorable and i love watching it with Sadie, too! It’s so cute!!

  3. One of my nanny kids had a bunch of Charlie & Lola on dvd and we also watched them before his morning nap. I fell in love with them too! I can still hear their cute little accents. Definitely more tolerable than some of the other annoying cartoons out there.

    Love the little toys too! Cute!

  4. Oh man, Charlie and Lola are the BOMB!!! I love it because Charlie is such a good brother to Lola, and usually shows portray brothers being naughty to their sisters, I LOVE it!!!

  5. We love it too! The theme music makes me happy, and I love to hear Lola say “Charlie” My favorite episode was “I will NEVER, EVER, EVER eat a Tomato” (said in the British accent). I think I said that many times to my mom when I was younger.

  6. Lauren Childs is a great author, her books are fantastic. We too love Charli and Lola. We even have a CD of thier music and it is th bestest in the barn!!

  7. We like them too!

  8. Yes, we love this show at our house too. I didn’t know, until I read the previous comments, that they have DVD’s and music too. I’ll have to look for those.


  9. Love them too!

  10. love that show too…have you checked out any of the books? by lauren child….i especially like “i will never not ever eat a tomato”!

  11. I got all 9 seasons of Charlie and Lola FREE at the library for my girls! I love how they are never mean to each other. I also love the names they pick. Soren Lorenson? Adorable!

  12. I love it too. And Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman. I learn new things from that one!

  13. Ooh, ooh! and Wonderpets!!!

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