bunting winner

after a lovely afternoon with no nap (for sadie) and an increasingly irritated (and irritating) sadie, we managed to make it through dinner (and, remarkably, the first episode of pushing daisies season 2), to the giveaway drawing! so, tada!

lindsey is the winner!

she says, “Autumn is my FAVORITE time of the year!!! I count down the days until the first day of fall so I can go crazy with my fall decorations..I can’t wait!”


p.s. the winner’s last name is Bunting! how appropriate! hehe


  1. Rats – I missed it.

  2. Yeah! I keep coming back to look at this post just to see my name pulled out of the bowl again. It’s so exciting to win something! By the way, my last name happens to be Bunting so the title of the post is way too fitting. Thanks again!

  3. Oh that’s hilarious! it was just meant to be! lol

  4. WHAT!? pushing daisies started last night? dang it. i love that show.

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