scrub a dub

sadie was due for some new washcloths. her tiny newborn ones were just not cutting it anymore. (well, i have a few larger ones, but only a few) luckily…i had some terry cloth that i had gotten at joann’s in the remnant bin for like $1.00 or something. woohoo!

so i made some bias tape and cut out some squares and whala! new washcloths for pennies! a great sunday morning nap activity, and useful to boot. gotta love that.

i used up some scrap material too, so bonus! i think i will make some more soon. they’re soo easy.


  1. such a great idea! i made those cute fabric flower onesies last night out of some of the scraps you gave me. they turned out so cute! also, THANK you for the little gift! that was such a neat surprise and sooo sweet & thoughtful of you. it really made my day!

    i have a bias tape maker but i have never had a ton of luck with it. do you use one? perhaps you could do a little tutorial on how to make bias tape. or, if you have found one online, can you direct me to it? i love using bias tape but i am so bad at it. yours looks way good so i would love some pointers!!

  2. Super cute! I made some for my baby that have fabric on one side, love them. may have to make some with bias tape!

  3. All your crafting is amazing! You are very talented. I will be bookmarking your blog.

    I have a quick question…I was wondering how you got the adorable font for your blog? I have been trying to figure out how to change mine on my blog and I cant figure out how to get anthing but the standard fonts. Thanks!

    And how cool to be in BH and G mag!

  4. That is such a cute idea!

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