paper fun

i was inspired by heather today to scrap a bit…only got three layouts done, but still. one at a time.

here’s the cutest one….i am a big fan of patterned paper on white cardstock. i rarely deviate from that. hmm…maybe i should work on that.

i made this calendar for sadie a few nights ago. her first year calendar is obviously over…but i still want to keep track of things she does, so this seemed like a great way to do that. plus, it was free to make with stuff i had on hand!

i printed off a years calendar (6x9inches), cut them to size, and sewed them onto a folded piece of cardstock, which i decorated..easy peasy! i think i’ll add a picture of her to the inside, but i haven’t printed off pictures in awhile. another thing for my to-do list. that dang thing keeps getting longer and longer.

tonight we’re going to my parents house for swei jows in honor of sadie’s birthday. they are a lance tradition, and delicious to boot. it’s her first time having them. are you totally wondering what swei jows are now?



  1. so crafty! so talented! love dropping in and checking out your latest :)

  2. ok i love this! i wish i would have done this with sophie! totally going to try this out!

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