We’ve been enjoying some cherries we got on sale this week…although Sadie is not allowed to feed herself. Can you imagine the stains? shudder. I made this peasant blouse for Sadie last night. I loove it! Got the fabric in a remnant pile at Joann’s for like, a dollar. I used this tutorial. She has a lot of great tutorials! It was tricky at first figuring out the pattern, but once I adjusted it, screamed at it a bit, and threw it across the room a few times, it was easy enough to figure out. Really, try it out on your crap,-scrap-fabric first if you try this. Don’t waste your cute fabric. Not that I would have any experience with doing that.

Sadie was gracious enough to model it for me during this morning’s play time in the sun room. We love hanging out in there more and more. It’s still cool in the mornings during the summer, and I love the light! Our house doesn’t have enough of it, for my liking.

I made the shirt ruffly by moving the casing in 1/4 inch, like she suggests in the tutorial. I love how it came out! I would make it a tad longer next time. Oh, and there will be a next time. soon.

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