Today is a crazy day, my to-do list is a mile long, getting ready for the trip to D-land. So why am I posting? Cause I made these cute baby leg warmer crawling leg protector thingies yesterday and they’re soo cool. Gotta protect those little knees! They’re made out of some knee high socks. So easy, literally took me 10 minutes. Awesome kind of project. And just in time, if you haven’t seen the last post! Gotta baby proof the house even more!

I made my peanut butter bars for Enrichment Night tonight, and now I’m going to go tackle packing. I hate packing. Wish me luck. Gotta go drop my sewing machine off to get fixed too. Yikes…gotta go.


  1. good luck!

  2. Cute you should make more and put them on your Etsy!!!! Have fun at Disneyland:)

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