can’t beat 1.50

That’s how much this men’s shirt cost me at Salvation Army. That plus an hour or so of sewing produced this cute little number. Alas, I did not think of this cutie pie idea. I got the idea here. This blog is awesome. I can’t wait to make some more shirts like this one!

Cassy and I have big plans to eat some sushi tonight and enjoy some quality time without the kiddos. Can I just say I’m soo excited? Well, I AM! Sadie’s stirring from her nap, so gotta go.


  1. Me too!!

  2. What is the blog you got this idea from?

  3. fixed the link…sorry!

  4. Such a great idea, turned out cute. Have a great time with Cassy tonight:)

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LLLLOOOOVE this :) I’m fairly new at sewing, do you already have a tutorial kicking around for this?

    Also, I just found you blog and I’m sooooooooooooo loving it :) Thanks for all of your awesome ideas & tutorials :)

  6. Hey Tracy!

    I Do have a tutorial for this top here:

    Good luck!


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