our front yard and rhino hair.

Yesterday we went shopping for plants for the front yard. On a day that was about 100 degrees. In a greenhouse. Wow, not the smartest thing we’ve ever done, but oh well! We had Rory’s parents (avid gardeners) to help us choose what to plant, since, if I was left to my own devices, I would pick something totally wrong and poisonous to boot.

We picked gardenia and boxwood bushes for the greenery, plus a pink star jasmine climber for in front of the fireplace-er-chimney I mean.

A bunch of flowers I don’t know any names of except the dahlias. Puurty, huh?

Speaking of the front yard, lookit the little grasses! They popped up a few days ago, Rory was so excited! (Yes, our yard is extremely full of rocks and leaves. You try spending hours trying to clean it and it not making a difference. grr)

So, this is Sadie’s hair a few mornings ago. Rhino hair anybody?


  1. Great choices ooo lala! I can’t wait to see where you plant everything:) Love the hair;)

  2. The plants look great, but I LOVE Sadie’s hair!! I am so glad that she is sporting that awesome bedhead! And she does it so well!

  3. I’m so excited for your grass!!!! everything is going to look fabulous!!! and Sadie’s hair is awesome! hahahaha That picture is perfect because she’s just so content just hangini out with her rock star hair! hahah so cute!!

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