So…I made this paper and ribbon bunting/banner the other day, before ye ol’ sewing machine broke, and decided to make an extra to give away to somebody!

Could be you! Do you feel lucky? PunK!

haha. just kidding.

So, just leave me a comment on this posting for a chance to win this (oh so cute) banner proclaiming the season! (that is ALMOST here) And while you’re at it, tell me your favorite thing about summer. I will pick a winner (randomly) Saturday night!


  1. okay I sort of want to wait to ‘enter’ for the contest, because who ever gets picked when they are the first entry?! Oh man, but I really want that adorable banner s’bad! I need it even more bad! I was wondering if you and my mom are on the same page, because she always says I’m a winner…and my favorite things about summer are…water fights, sprinklers, gardens, walks, late nights on the lawn chairs, fireworks, watermelon and peaches, SUNSHINE, trips with family, and….popsicles! Please oh please pick me!

  2. Such a cute banner! I love it! I’m totally jealous…unless you pick me then I’d be so cool because I’d actually HAVE it! Favorite summer thing: the best picture taking weather, swimsuits, beaches, and the possibility of a great tan! Obviously I was meant to live in CA. YAY for summer!

  3. I LOVE this post!! I want that CUTE banner so so bad! It would look so cute in our little “home” hahah we’re hard up for some cute decor in here!! haha hmmmm…my favorite part of summer? Lets see…SUNSHINE, family vacations, BBQ’s, flip flops, Swimming, Camping, fresh fruit, evening walks, warm nights, popsicles, annnnnnnd hot, hot weather! I wanna win! the suspense is killing me! :) hee hee!

  4. Such a cute banner!! So fun and summery! Things I love about summer: BBQ’s, splash parks, playing the sand, evening walks, kiddie pools, water fights, watermelon, etc. etc. etc. Gotta love summer!

  5. Yep…found Picnik. Hehehe. It’s so fun…and addicting! I just made a new header for my blog on there. Hmmm…what will I make next? 😉

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