My two new pals

Oh, my Black and Decker beauty…how do I love thee? Got me a new iron! A BB&B as-is deal for $15! Originally $40. Just a display model, so it works like a charm and much better than my $20 cheapo that was all dirtied up with fusible interfacing which didn’t come off with the magic potion that said it would come off so boy am I glad I snatched this iron up. I dub her Bertha.

And…got myself some “real” sewing scissors after trying out my mom’s. They cut all the way to the tip…swoon! Also, they cut many layers which is important while making bibs cause I am lazy and hate pinning patterns more than once. I dub her Shiny.

What are your favorite tools of the trade, whatever the trade may be for you?


  1. So Shiny and Bertha, huh? The last Bertha I new was a yellow school bus posing as a moving van. hehe. I must say I L-O-V-E my scissors too! I haven’t named them, but maybe I will now!! haha.

  2. Which sewing scissors did you get? I desperately need a new pair of scissors!

  3. Nice! I’m jealous. My iron AND scissors are both in sad states. And I love that green and white fabric, so pretty.

  4. My tool for my trade…CHOCOLATE!
    It makes everything more enjoyable.

    I love how you name each of your tools. Have fun with them.

  5. That would have to be my cute little Cutter Bee’s I have 3 pair:) Shhh do not tell:) I really love the 2 pairs that are coated they are super sharp and don’t stick to sticky paper or ribbon as badly as the regular silver ones. I saw some pink ones the other day and was oh so tempted.

  6. Oh, sorry Cutter Bee’s are scissors:)

  7. You crack me up!!! Love it

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