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We just bought one of these this morning. I am actually really excited to get our food storage all in order! We have some in our pantry, but let’s be honest, it’s a mess and I can’t fit all the food we need in here. It’s deceptively small. (and messy, ignore the messiness please!)

So we bought one and saved money with a coupon that came with a recent Deseret Book purchase, and got $100 off, plus free shipping! yesss. Sounds good to me. I will be working on filling it up in the next few months. Here’s a question:

What do you more prepared people have in your food storage? And for those LDS members, how the heck do you order from the cannery!? I’ve never been able to figure it out.

P.S. My wisdom teeth, or rather, where my teeth used to be, hurt a bit, but no swelling yet! Just plain wiped out, TIRED!


  1. Provident Pantry on the LDS Website has the information on the Cannery. You have to go and can if you want individualized products. If you want the already canned and boxed wheat I believe you can purchase it online. There will be a shipping cost. I have a link up on my blog on the upper left hand side. You may have to search around the page a bit to find exactly what you are looking for. Hope this helps. We have the rack and love it!

  2. your ward will have info about the cannery. There is one in Oakland that I know of…if there isn’t one closer to you I’d be happy to make a cannery date with you. I’m so super jealous of your new rack….it makes me wish I had even more space so I could have one too! I hope you have fun filling it up! Whenever the stores around here have sales I usually stock up on canned things. My favorite thing recently is the small indv. packages of tuna fish. It lasts a long time, and it doesn’t come in a heavy can, it’s in like a plastic baggie thing. It’s really convienient and sometimes as cheap as .50!

  3. Oh my gosh you poor thing! Wisdom teeth are NOT fun!!!! OUCH!! As for the food storage, i don’t have a clue on any of it but GOOD JOB for getting it done! looks like it’ll be my turn to learn and do it SOON! :) only 12 more days!! AHH!! can you believe it! See ya soon!!! :)

  4. What I did to start my food storage was simply buying two or three more of the stuff I regularly purchase. Within 6 months we had a decent 3-month supply. From there I added on wheat, rice, powdered milk, beans, etc whenever there was a case lot sale. Over the course of a year we slowly built up our reserves. We have about a month or two of stuff needed to complete it but we are close! Love those shelves!!!

  5. I don’t have an extensive food storage yet, but my mom is really into it. I remember when I was younger she filled the basement with wheat and flour and a grinder and things you’re supposed to have. Then she realized that that was stupid, because she didn’t know how to make anything with wheat and flour! So she wound up creating a sample dinner menu for a month and then multiplied it by 12. Then she bought the ingredients for all the things on the list- 12 spaghetti dinners, 24 chicken casseroles, 12 cans of peaches, etc. Now she actually cooks things from the food storage and rotates it around. She still has the wheat and beans, but she also has more practical foods down there that she’d actually want to eat.
    I love your blog! I found it through Ana White, and now have to go through and read all your old posts. :)

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