oh, snap.

It’s happened.

I’ve let it into my house. Why, oh why?

Because it’s entertaining and addicting. Gorsh!

After years of swearing I hated American Idol(too mainstream, annoying singers, blah blah), I’ve kind of…gotten into it this season. I like the new judge too. Janae and I were critiquing the singers. It was fun! I belted out what would be MY audition song: Whitney Houston’s Iiiiiiiii will always love you…but Janae and Rory were not impressed. It’s more fun to watch it with someone…so maybe I’ll stick with it. We’ll see. Janae, you up for it? Even Rory watched for a little while.

Anyone else into this American Idol thing?


  1. Yes to “It’s better when you watch it with someone.” My mom, bro and I cracked up at the Salt Lake City auditions last week. I don’t think I’ll follow it like I follow Jon and Kate Plus 8, but it can be quite a guilty pleasure. Like 24.

  2. Depends on the season for me. Some seasons I’ve been into it, others not so much. I haven’t seen any of this season yet, but maybe I’ll check it out. I am curious to see how things are working out with the new judge…

  3. No we are not into it, watched it once because everyone said it was sooooo gooood! We do watch 24 except last season, it was no to good. This season rocks though!!!

  4. Ugh, I’m so mad at myself for letting my addiction to AI get the way it has!!!

  5. We are totally into the auditions. They are awesome to watch. Probably because I think, “You know…I don’t think I could really make it to the top of the show, but I’m better than that guy, right?” Love it!

  6. Totally DVR every episode. I watch with my husband. He doesn’t love it but he likes it better than Biggest Loser (which I have to DVR and watch alone!)

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