The evolution of a backyard.

June last year, our second visit to the house, when we decided to put an offer in. Overgrown with who knows what…I was afraid to venture out there, so I stayed on the patio.

Soon after we bought the house, the bank had the weeds whacked, gangster style. We were LOVING all of those pavers and rocks. hah.

Yesterday. The pavers were long gone, thanks to the young men in our ward. Yesterday the guy removed some stumps/plants, this nasty deck surrounding the playhouse, and the fence that was along the sheds. It looks so much better! Yeah, not awesome, but better!

Removed all the weird plasticky things around the yard and some more bricks. I found 2 tennis balls, one baseball, and a football. Sah-weet!

It’s still a work in progress, obviously. Underneath the grass/weeds that are rampant now are a bunch of small rocks, so those will be fun to remove. We are getting excited to see the changes in the yards, and are looking at our options for redoing the hall bath too! Can’t wait!


  1. The yard is looking awesome! Isn’t it fun when you can see things happening. :o)

  2. Isn’t renovation fun?? I will look great when you are done! Miekka has really good ideas when it comes to yard renovations. Good luck with that…

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