Flashback Friday

Whoa, it’s been a long time since I did this! I should call it Flashback Finally! haha. Yes, I know I am hilarious. It’s a bit ridiculous how funny I am. Moving on.

Isn’t this picture Awesome with a capital A? It’s from when Rory and I lived in Utah, and my family stopped by on their way home from a church history tour (which I have not gotten over missing BTW), and the kids (Joanna, Jarom, and Justin) stayed with us for a week or so afterwards. It was a blast hanging out with them and trying TO skip work to hang out with them. (I mean, using my sick days, heh heh) We headed to this awesome park we used to go to a lot and played some football, or a game with a football, or something like that. They might kill me for putting these up, but they’ll have to catch me first! Plus, I have worse. Jarom+Marilyn Monroe wig=?. End of story. Enjoy!

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