Things I’ve been reading lately….

I just finished reading The Goose Girl again this morning. Such a great “fairy tale” book. Just read it if you haven’t yet! Then I got to thinking about my literature choices as of late. Not anything particularly thought-provoking…my thoughts are provoked enough thank you!

The Hunger Games. Joanna had to convince me to read this one, but once I started it I couldn’t stop! It’s very compelling although very twisted. I read most of it on the ride down to Disneyland, and then finished it on the way back. I had to leave it in the car to make sure I didn’t sneak in some reading in the hotel, hehe.

And what new mom has time to read much more than some magazines? I do like Parents…hey, it was free with my Boppy, so why not?

Domino is a great design magazine, it’s fun to get new ideas for the house. Of course, then I change my mind every month…..

And, Woman’s Day…I always thought this was a magazine that, like, only people my mom’s age would read. (no offense) I guess I have crossed that line into true MOM hood. hehe.

P.S. I secretly LOVE this magazine.
Whoops, secret’s out.


  1. Oh I love Parents magazine too! My favorite one would have to be The Working Mother though. Yeah, weird, seeing as though I don’t have children. I started getting them in the mail about a year ago…so I flip thru them when I’m bored. YAY for parenting magazines! I totally want to try to read that Hunger book you mentioned. i’ll try to find it this week at the library.

  2. Hey, don’t feel bad for liking Woman’s Day…I read it at my mom’s house sometimes and I like it, too. Oops, guess my secret’s out, too! 😉

    And you gotta love Parenting (and the like)…especially when they’re FREE! :)

  3. All You is one my mom and I like, especially since they use considerably less exclamation points than Women’s World.

  4. You should totally read Princess Academy by Shannon Hale (same authoer as Goose Girl). I’ll even send it to you if you want! email me your address!

    jaime wilkins at

    without the spaces, sorry I get scared of spam!

  5. Oh yeah that’s a good one too! I don’t have it yet…I really want to read Enna Burning too, has anyone read that one?

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