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8 Favorite TV Shows
The Office
Samantha Who?
Designed To Sell
Grey’s Anatomy
Prison Break
My Name is Earl

8 Favorite Restaurants
Taco Bell (oh yeah)
Super Taqueria
Cafe Rio (there’s a mexican food theme here…)
Johnny Carino’s
Pizza Factory
Erik’s Deli Cafe
Ninja Sushi (OF COURSE!)

8 Things I Did Today
went on a long walk
played with Sadie
went to a mommy and baby playgroup
made these empanadas…they were pretty tasty!
went shopping at Target and got a fun advent calendar wreath
visited my parents (a stop during my walk)
received some christmas presents I ordered in the mail (for Joanna and Cassy….in case you were curious…)
made some headbands for Sadie

8 Things I Love About FallLinkthe leaves on the ground….although it only lasts a few weeks here in Cali
the coolness in the air
hot apple cider
making assorted pumpkin dishes (pumpkin bread, cookies, etc…)
wearing sweaters
new seasons of my shows
My birthday!! (Nov 22nd-remember that!)
snuggling up in blankets!

8 Things I Wish For
Sadie to stay little!
a clean house (magically, of course)
to lose weight
my scrapbook mojo
more time in the day
to stop eating my chocolate covered raisins as they are not helping with the losing weight wish.
that Rory and I could go on a real date again someday
a kitty.

8 Things I Look Forward To
Sadie growing up, all her milestones to look forward to!
date nights (yes!)
spending time with family
having more children
decorating my house (ie new furniture in the living room)
my best friend moving closer to me!
fixing up the front and back yards!

PHew…well, I tag…Cassy, Kim, Jenni, Steph, Courtenay, Janae, Lindsey, and Susan

Go ahead, waste some time!


  1. It seems we have a lot in common…

    I had forgotten about pumpkin cookies…MMMM! Love those!

    And I’m jealous of your day today…sounds like a fun one!

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