FB Friday and my first tag!

My first tag! FUN! I’ve almost had this blog a year but never been tagged. I feel so cool now. The awesome thing is, I will count this as my Flashback Friday pic also, so two birds with one…post. hooray!

This is from our violin trip to England that my whole family (even Grandma Lance) went on my senior year of high school. Grandma was our accompianist, and all the kids except Josh played the violin in the concerts. (Josh, however, left in his wake a multitude of broken English girls hearts. Can you blame him? He was a cutie!)This particular picture was taken in a hole in the wall cafe in London called Raphael’s. They had the BEST baked potatoes with yummy melted cheddar and bacon on top. Totally lo-cal too. lol. We went there both nights we were in London, mainly cause it was cheap and close to our hotel I think. Yummm.

So, here are the rules. The rules are simple: Post the 4th picture in your 4th file and then tag 4 more people. (told you it was simple)

I tag:


Now get to it girls!


  1. I watched the trailer and it is very cool! Can’t wait for the movie!!

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