A monumental event

My first scrapbooking page of Sadie! Also my first in over 7 months. If any of you know how much I USED to scrap, you know that’s very very strange. Pregnancy stole my scrapping mojo, that’s all I have to say. I got together with some gals yesterday, Kim and Aimee, and we scrapped yesterday. Or, tried. We talked a lot more than scrapped. They have little ones too, and the babies had so much fun together. Mostly looking and cooing at each other, Sadie didn’t really know what was going on though. haha. We got pics, but not on my camera…sooo later! Anyways, it’s not much, but here’s the page I did.


  1. Woohoo! I’m actually putting up some pages I did after my months of scraplessness. I can’t blame pregnancy, but I can say that once they learn to walk and talk there’s not much time or energy to scrapbook. hehe.

  2. Very cute:) I love her in the purple dress!

  3. I am still burned out with Scrapbooking!!! Kudos to you!!!

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