Friends and cards

Soo….here I am still with no baby. I am so sick of saying that! haha. I feel like Rachel on Friends when she’s overdue. She yells at her belly,”get out get out get out!” Yup thats how I feel. Although I’m not yelling at her. (yet)

Speaking of Friends…(little side note here) My mom and I went to get some pedicures yesterday, and Friends was playing on the TV, but with no sound. You know you watch Friends too much when you can say the lines in your head. And then laugh (out loud) at the silent TV. Yep…I did that. lol.

Anyways, back to my rant…I get irritated so easily that I’m shutting myself in to avoid contact with other humans. (strangers are ok cause I don’t have to talk to them) I went to Target to walk around, and found some Heidi Swapp stamps on sale…so, I decided to make some Thank you and Happy Birthday cards to pass the time, cause I’m out of birthday cards, and those are always handy to have around! So everyone…tell me your birthday…and you might get one of these beauties in the mail! (if I have your address. So if I don’t email it to me.)


  1. Such cute and simple cards! Looks like I need to run to Target for those stamps! 😉

    Well, I hope your baby comes soon. I feel for you, girl. Good luck!

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