Well, we are all moved in! Except for a few random things still at my inlaws that we have to get, our stuff and our lives are now in Gilroy! Even Ally came down last night. We had thought about bringing her down today or Saturday, but I missed her. Rory surprised me by bringing her down last night on the last load! yay! She’s doing pretty good, she was a bit jumpy at first, but she looves the windows at the front of the house. She keeps watch for us very well. So we moved last night with the help of some of Rory’s co-workers, my family, and (insert whistle here) my brother Jarom’s new girlfriend Stephanie. (that’s another story though hehe) Unpacking really goes pretty quick once you have a place for everything figured out. Poor Rory doesn’t have a desk right now though, so his room is in limbo. It was a bit strange the first night, felt like camping out in a way…and the lights and windows were all in the wrong places! lol. Also we have no blinds or window coverings in our bedroom so I couldn’t sleep much past 7. agh. We had no food in the house either (on account of no fridge or shelves in our pantry), so I went out in search of some grub this morning, and remembered this awesome bagel shop I used to go to. They still had their marinara bagels! yum. Also got a yummy little smoothie. I also had to go drop off an order at the post office (had to call my mom cause I forgot where it was), guess what? It’s like, 3 minutes from my house! yay! No driving 10 minutes into town just to drop off an order. love it! We got our internet and TV set up earlier (we are internet junkies…I felt cut off from the world all last night!), and the internet is super speedy! We lived out in the country before, so the only internet available was pretty slow. It’s awesome. I feel this will not help my addiction to blogging in the least! haha. So basically we’re settling in slowly but surely. We have a lot more to do on the kitchen tomorrow, but we are getting our appliances! That will be so nice! I will post some pics when those go in. For now, here’s a look at what our house is starting to become….a home!

Living room…


Rory’s room (office)…


My crafty haven…

…and the master! (room, not the cat)

P.S. I just uploaded those pictures in like, a minute! That would’ve taken me at least 5-10 minutes before. Awesome! hehe


  1. Sweeeeeeet! I know how you feel about the first night in your new home. We have moved often. And while living in Oregon we owned a beach house in Crescent City. I remember waking up in the morning and forgeting where I was. I was always pleasently surprised when at the beach:) I bet that is how you will feel for the first while! I love how your Kitchen is shaping up!!!! Don’t forget to put those feet up:)

  2. I love all the furniture! Your home is finally coming together. I had a dream last night that you were trying to move the couch all by yourself and the baby popped out. Glad that didn’t happen. I really enjoyed seeing you. Fun times. I am also glad that Jarom and Stephanie are having a good time.

  3. Yay for moving in! The house is looking great! I’m glad you were able to get moved in before the baby gets here!

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