Painting and baby stuff

Today we got most of the rest of the baby stuff we needed. Rory’s mom and I hunted down our travel system pattern by going to two different Babies R us stores. Luckily they had it at the second one, AND it was the newer model that the CHP at our childbirth class recommended. So yay!

I also got the matching swing, a high chair thingy, hamper, closet organizer, and some other things. Now all we need is the crib mattress and a few more things. I feel a little more ready for her. Still, don’t come early PLEASE baby. We painted most of the house tonight! (and when I say we I mean my family did) I wasn’t allowed inside. So I parked my chair outside the sliding glass door and watched. hehe. Also did a run on Lowe’s. We’re getting our cabinets put in tomorrow. The paint colors look good, although it’s hard to judge them at night. I am in LOVE with the color of the baby’s room. I will have to remember to take a picture tomorrow. It’s super cute. So, more updates tomorrow perhaps. I’m going to bed, or maybe I’ll watch an episode of The next Food Network Star. It’s what we’re hooked on now. There’s not much on TV. We’re waiting for Monk and Psych to start next month. Until then, we work on the house.


  1. My sister has that same stoller/carseat set! It’s great! I love the Food Network Star TOO! I think that’s because I kind of know Kelsey Nixon (she was in my ward for one summer and I was friends with her roommate) so I’m totally rooting for her and she’s improved a great deal. Who’s your favorite?

    -Jaime (AKA Baby’s Got Blue Eyes from

  2. Jason and I are hooked on The Next Food Network Star too!!! I hate to say this, but I think I like Lisa the best.

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