More house stuff…

Yet another update…you know you love them. 😛 Most of the painting is done! Just some more around the ceilings and floors and it will be all finished. We started prep for the wood floors tonight, and can soon get the carpet installed! Yay. We have picked out our counter tops in the kitchen, and are going to hit the Fourth of July sales tomorrow for our appliances. Thanks, America, for the good deal on appliances! (we hope so at least) Tomorrow we have the electrician coming over to finish up and then we may do a few things, but mostly I think we’re going to relax a bit. The two wards here in Gilroy have a joint 4th BBQ thing, so we’re going to crash it. haha. We are hoping to set a moving date for the 19th. Cross your fingers for us, and if you live nearby, PLEASE come help! (whenever we do it) Moving at 9 months pregnant is not my ideal situation, but I will take what I can get right now. I just truly cannot wait to set up the nursery! I have it all in my head, and it’s been living there for the past 8 months, so I can’t wait to see it come to life. Already getting the paint up is soo fun to see! Amazing to think we got our keys to the house a mere 2 1/2 weeks ago! Our family and friends have been an amazing help. Here are the pics! (of course)

Paint color in the kitchen/family room, and living room is called Wise Owl. Love this color!

OOh, makes the french doors pop. purty.

Laying out some flooring for fun. It’s bamboo.

A sample of our granite tile we’re putting in for the counter tops. So pretty as well.

This is a random hole in our chimney….

….where this kitty likes to hide. He didn’t like us taking his picture. He hissed a lot.

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