Kitchen Exasperation

So, this is a picture of our kitchen right now! Looks good huh? Wait, what’s that down on the floor? Oh it’s just Rory in his Sunday pants trying to hook up our dishwasher. Hold on, weren’t you supposed to get your appliances yesterday, on Saturday?, you might ask yourself. Why yes we were! Kick back and listen to this whopper of a story. So we purchased our appliances about 2 or 3 weeks ago at a store that I won’t name but rhymes with Nest Rye (ha) and they told us that a few of our appliances were back ordered but we could have them all by the 26th. (the microwave was in stock BTW) We agreed to have them all shipped at that time, and were told someone would call us the day before to set up a delivery time. We received that call…and they said that now the microwave was NOT in stock. “WHAT?!,” We asked calmly and politely. We asked if they could deliver the other appliances anyhow. They said yes and set up a time slot for us (2:30 to 4:30, not that it mattered) So the next day we are sitting around like chumps waiting for them to show up….time passes. Finally at 5 pm I go and wake poor Rory up from his nap, we call them to see what’s going on, and hear the startling news that the appliances DIDN’T GO OUT. You want to know why? Because a “system error” caused the delivery to cancel because our microwave that they weren’t supposed to sell was not available. AGH! This is with no food in the house at all, we had been planning on going shopping afterwards to stock up. So, long story short, they were able to deliver them this morning at 7 am (!), and luckily were done before church started at 8:30. So, Rory’s been working on hooking stuff up and etc. But, our fridge and dishwasher and stove work now at least! yay! Anyways…gotta run…my family is doing swei jows with everyone. I will tell you about swei jows later…yum!

Oh hello there!

Pretty appliances


  1. It looks like a kitchen! Yea! Even if it did take longer than expected at least the baby didn’t come yet and you can now have food in your house!

  2. Looks awesome!

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