I bet you think all I can talk about is floors…

…and it’s true. It’s the big project going on right now, so what do you expect? lol. More progress was made on the wood floors last night. Besides a setback with the cabinets, it was pretty smooth sailing so I’m told. I kicked back and read a book. I’m under a strict “don’t do anything that will stress you out” rule from Rory. Of course, that doesn’t really stop me from stressing all together, but oh well. I can try!

Entryway-almost done!

Dining room-Done!

Kitchen-halfway done!

Rory doing his “dining room is done celebratory dance”

Isn’t his sweatband awesome?

My grandparents stopped by last night and were amazed by the progress, since they had been out of town for a while, it was more noticeable to them than to us. Even so it’s fun to see it come along. We HOPE that we can get the carpet and counter tops in next week, then nothing is stopping us from at least moving stuff down. Well, except for the fact that our stupid appliances won’t be here til the 26th. Just that small fact. Well, I’d best be getting back to my 44 onesies that were ordered. Here’s the stack, impressive, no?


  1. Exciting, it is looking more and more like your home not theirs:) I love how the floor is turning out! Good job Rory!

  2. Hey Jess- awesome house- great job! I can’t believe what you guys have done to the place! And with the baby almost here too! It’s remarkable. Sean just set up a blog for us too- check it out. Best wishes to you all.

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