Counters and chairs and Batman oh my!

Yesterday the counter top tile got put down! They still have to grout it, but it looks soo good! Starting to look like a real kitchen. We’re moving some stuff down today, it will be nice when we can just start moving everything next week.

We also scored this little breakfast nook table from craigs list. It will go in the same room as the kitchen, it’s just dirty right now so we stuck it in the dining room. We are planning on painting it perhaps…cause it’s pretty close in color to the floors.

Last night we went to see The Dark Knight with Chris and Cassy Watson. I won’t ruin it for anyone, but it was really good. I still like Batman Begins better though. This one was LOONG (2 1/2 hours anyone?) and way darker, but still a good Batman flick. Christian Bale’s “Batman” voice still cracks me up though. lol.


  1. Looking good! What about just painting the top of the table white or antiqued white and leaving the rest wood. I had a table in Cali at our beach house(those were the good days!) it was a wood top with painted leggs and chairs. I got ton’s of compliments on it:)

  2. Yeah, I love how his mouth turns down to let him talk all dark and sinister like. SO fun!

  3. So funny that you should mention batman’s voice b/c when ever he spoke we all started busting up! Lots of people told us to shut up(no sences of humor!)

    You’re house is looking beautiful!!

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