House update

Alright, so we got A LOT done on the house today! Thank goodness cause I was starting to stress a little. The baseboard were finished and caulked. The french doors were put in and framed and insulated. (good work, Jeff, Rory, Dad, and Chris) The electrician came by and did all his work on the kitchen. (Thanks, electrician) My uncle Shawn came by and showed us some samples for the countertops in the kitchen, my dad and I hung the lights (well, I handed him lightbulbs and screws), and other various things like sweeping up all the dust. We celebrated by going to Applebee’s with Chris and Cassy and then seeing Get Smart. I know we just saw a movie last night but we figured we’d better see them now, cause in about a month we will not be able to! lol. We enjoyed it, and laughed a lot. Anyways, not too many pics this time. The next steps are to paint the baseboards, trim, and walls, and to hang the kitchen cabinets. Those transformations will be really fun to see! It’s already looking a ton better than a week ago. Sooner we finish, sooner we can move in!

Just a reminder of what the living room doors looked like before.

Putting in the french doors. oui oui!

Framing them in.

You can kinda see how the ceilings turned out here after scraping the popcorn off and retexturing them. Best money spent so far in my opinion!


  1. Wow the house is starting to take shape how exciting:) I am totally with you on the popcorn removal and texturing the ceilings. Almost all homes here in the south have smooth ceilings and walls:)

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