Finally, the house is officially OURS!

So after another delay yesterday, (which will from here on be referred to as the day from hades) we finally got our “keys” and officially have the title for the house in our name! We are now homeowners. Oh what did we get ourselves into? hehe. We are now going to start doing work to the house to make it, er, livable. It’s a bit shabby right now! A little bit from our list:

*replace wood flooring
*replace carpet
*paint every surface we can get our hands on
*dozens more little projects
*oh, and just gutting and redoing the WHOLE kitchen

Yes, and we are doing this with only about 6 weeks to go before the baby is due. Are we crazy? you ask. Heck yes, we say! We definitely didn’t plan it this way but everything with this house fell into place, so we know it was the right thing for us. Even if the timing stunk. Hey-at least I don’t have to help paint! hahaa. Anyways, here is a very mini tour of parts of the house. I don’t want to show all the pictures until it’s a little better looking, otherwise you might think us very weird.

Our awesome backyard. It used to have weeds up to your waist actually. That is a playhouse, and all four of those sheds are in our yard as well. Anyone want to buy an almost new shed?

Stained glass windows you say? Nope, hot glued bits of glass. Yes, that will be GONE.

This lovely room is my craft room. Notice the ghetto paint job and lovely carpeting. Oh, and the broken weird door. Just a taste of the fine decor.

Of course, as soon as the house was “ours” Rory started tearing down walls! (don’t worry, this wall is supposed to come down)

Rory and my dad going to town. They had a blast!


  1. Very cool! I just love that wood paneling in your craft room! Gorgeous!! haha!

  2. Jess…what a thrill!!! How exciting, and I know you’re going to wonders with this house…but I have to say I’m a little bummed that you’re replacing the special hot glue stained glass window, I mean I thought it was one of the selling points…:) Well, I wish i was there to feel your baby dancing in your belly and help you re-make and re-model your very own house! Just be sure you don’t do anything silly like paint or lift heavy stuff! Take care sugar!

  3. I love it!!!!! Congratulations to you both! How exciting, I think you will have a gorgious home with a few demolition days and a few more rebuild days! I love the front, after some pressure washing and your choice of paint it will be SWEEET;)

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