Destruction continues…

So far we have finished most of the demo on the house! It has gone quicker than we thought, mainly because all of the help we’ve been getting! It’s awesome. Yesterday we got the carpet all pulled up, the kitchen and family room cleared of staples (the floor had been stapled down with HUNDREDS of stupid little staples. They were really annoying to pull up, or so I heard), also the sliding door between the sunroom and living room got pulled out (we’re replacing them with probably some french doors), tack strips got pulled up, baseboard got ripped out, had the electrician by to see what needed to be done, new locks got put in, and we ordered our cabinets for the kitchen as well! Quite a busy day. Thanks to all who helped, it was greatly appreciated! We’re hoping to get started on painting this week sometime, and have some paint samples to try on the walls. Also hoping to get the kitchen cabinets in by the end of the week possibly, we’ll see about that. The good thing is, is when we get our carpets and baseboards in, we can start moving! (first thing I’m setting up is the nursery, for obvious reasons) I don’t want to get ahead of myself though. hehe. Anyways, here are some more updates in the form of pictures. Cause you know I LOVE pictures.

Jarom flexing his muscles after ripping out the doors.

Hallway free of carpet.

Smelly mold is gone!

Jordan the stapler remover extraordinaire!


  1. Wow! You guys are really hard at work. When your brothers come out here you will miss their muscle power. You look gorgeous! I wore an extra fancy ring from Target for the last half of my pregnancy. It was a huge gaudy extravagant, $10 ring. Funny thing was I got more compliments about that ring than the expensive one! LOL

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