A house…..I hope

So…we put in another offer on a house today! (forget that stupid townhouse) It is NOT a short sale, thank goodness. It’s a bank owned property. We are supposed to hear back from them by monday evening, so everyone, pray, cross your fingers, or whatnot…that we will get this house. I sooo want to be moved by the time this baby comes, and we’re running out of time. :-] It’s in Gilroy, which would mean a drive to work for Rory, but we’d be closer to my family and multiple baby sitters. (that means you- mom, dad, Jarom, Joanna, Jordan, Janae, and Julia and Josh when you’re old enough) muwahahaha. Anyways, we’ll keep you posted. Hopefully it’s some good news this time!


  1. Fingers crossed here!

  2. Forget the house, when are you gonna post some more belly pictures?? hehe.

  3. A house super fun! I voting for this one. Yipee!

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