Home sweet home

So the inspections went really well today! Better than we thought actually. lol. Just minor issues to take care of. So now we’re just sorting everything out, and hopefully will get the process going so that we can start working on it asap. It does need some work. Also, the Prince Caspian Narnia movie was excellent! My whole family went for FHE, and we took up a good portion of a whole row. Joanna has this immense crush on Prince Caspian…(I admit, he is pretty cute) but at the end, he has this AWFUL outfit on. Like totally girly. Gauchos, a skirt, and a ruffly shirt. hehe. Joanna and I were laughing for like a whole minute. So, if you go and see the movie, check out his outfit and you will have a laugh. Rory’s really excited to see the new Indiana Jones movie, so I think we’ll see that this weekend too. Big week for movies!…and moving…soon. 😀


  1. Wow, I am so happy for you that everything is moving in your direction with the house! I guess we are waiting to see all the new awesome movies until they come out on blu-ray. which will be this fall sometime. So for now we are still watching National Treasure 2.

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