It’s a……boy?

So I went in this morning for my normal check up, and the doctor (someone I hadn’t seen before) did another quick sonogram to check on the baby’s size. She was looking around, checking things…and then she said, “so he’s looking good.” I said,” HE’S?” She said,”Yes, it’s a boy, you did know that right?” I said,” NO! they told us it was a girl!” I guess it’s easier to mistake a girl for a boy since they can be hiding…things. I did have my previous ultrasound a little early on as well. So, it’s a boy! Guess I should get busy returning all those little girl clothes and nursery items. Go Team Blue! I’ll scan in some pictures later of the pictures she gave me. We’re pretty shocked to say the least!


  1. Boys are so much fun! I can say that because I have 2! The clothes they make for baby boys are super cute too. Go team blue:)

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