A few new layouts

Lately, my scrapping mojo, or inspiration, or muse, or whatever you want to call it, has left the building! I don’t have a lot of push to scrap like I used to. I did however do a few new pages that I thought I’d put up here, just in case anyone wanted to see them!


  1. Oh I hate you…for your creativity. Haha, j/k…lets get together and scrapbook….as long as your willing to pass your fabulous ideas down to me so I can take credit for them when I get home…everyone would think I was sooooo cool! Haahaha….but really….when ARE we going to get together? Are you working? I’m working AND going to shcool next wekk…so it might be hard to get togheter…but we should definatly try…where is a place in the middle? anything interesting?

  2. Say what?!?!? Your mojo seems to be intact as far as I can tell. Super great los.

    I so can relate to this! Here’s to hoping that our best work is simply going to be found as the year rolls on. Good luck!

  3. I will have to get time off on Saturdays….I usually work the weekends…but I hate it. I’d rather scrapbook…I mean, who wouldn’t?!?!?! Thats awesome that you have a scrapbook room!!!!! Totally jealous….let me see what I can work out and I’ll let you know….it sounds FABULOUS!!!

  4. Very cute Jess:)

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