Hawaii is wet.

Very wet. But still fun! Today we went snorkeling whilst it rained. It was a little cloudy in the water, but otherwise we couldn’t tell it was raining. The sun came out for about 15 minutes today! woo-hoo! Really. We went shopping today and got some yummy chocolate macadamia nuts for those of you we like. haha. We got a free mug too! Highlight of my day, folks. But let’s rewind to Saturday shall we? Our flight was scheduled to take off at 11:10 AM. So we got there around 10, expecting to wait about 45 minutes or so at the gate. We find out it’s been delayed about 2 hours, and that’s not such a huge deal we suppose. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS later we finally boarded the plane. AHHH! It was not cool, in Rory’s words. We were bored and tired. By the time we landed in Hawaii, it was pitch black. Kind of weird to drive around on an island at night when you haven’t seen it during the day! LOL. But we got to our condo safe and sound, so it wasn’t too bad. Anyways, more posts later if we feel like it! Pray for some sun please?


  1. So you didn’t even leave until after 5? Yuck! Well at least you got to do fun stuff once you were there! Have a great week!!

  2. I heard the weather on the West Coast was bad too, so don’t feel bad. Hawaii is so awesome have a great time! I hope you get to go to the P.C.C it is so awesome! Aloha

  3. so, I’m not stalking you, but I’m assuming that since you put your blog on sb.com that you wanted people to see it. :) Anyway….so jealous you’re in Hawaii. I guess that explains why there are no new los! Have fun.

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