Gurgle Gurgle…..

Uh, it’s soo wet here! ugh. We had a crazy storm swoosh in here yesterday, and it rained a lot. About 4-6 inches on different parts of Maui according to the news. The wind gusted up to 60-70 MPH. We actually did get out for a little while, we went to the crowded aquarium and lunch, and on the way back had to take a detour because of a flooded road. However, the power went out while we were out, and stayed out until 1:30 in the morning. So we got home, took a nap, and woke up in time to watch the sort of sunset and sit in the dark. We used up the batteries in our camera, laptop, and DVD player, and watched parts of movies before going to bed at 9:00. Here are some crazy pics-none of the pics are ours, or are of areas near us-but they are on the same island.

This is in Kula.

This is in Kahului where the airport is.

This is in Kahana.

I would post our own pictures but then I would have to download them ALL and that would take awhile. I will probably put a slideshow up when we get back…hopefully we will escape on Saturday as planned. We hope the weather will die down enough. Well, I think we’re going to go find some breakfast-as our dinner last night was some potato chips we had and half a cookie. YUM! and sooo nutritious.

Update: I am finishing this up 10 hours later. I was typing this up at around 7:00 am and the power went out again!!! agh! We hung out for awhile, found out our Luau was cancelled (surprise surprise) and then went to find some power. We were able to get some regular food, as opposed to our wonderful breakfast of fig newtons and raw ramen. Anyways, that’s our sob story today….we’ll see how it goes tommorrow!


  1. Sucky! Well, it makes for a good story at least.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you have had such a wet vacation. Although I am glad to know that we are not the only ones that have had such weather related vacation adventures! I hope that you are home safe and will be able to look back at all the quarky fun you had together!

  3. Holy cow! At least you have a great attitude about the hazards of this vacation. My parents are in Maui RIGHT NOW and I’m hoping the weather is a little better. Lovin’ all the fun pics from the trip, BTW!

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