Radio Shows and leaving on a Jet Plane!

So, we’re headed off to Hawaii(!) on Saturday for a week of fun in the…rain?! That’s right, it’s supposed to rain the whole time, but Rory assured me that we’d be ok, that it stops and starts frequently, and drizzles. (?) You can safely assume I will be sporting a curly look the whole week as my hair does not react well to humidity. haha. We may or may not have internet access where we’re staying, but you might have UP TO DATE INFO ON OUR VACATION. holy moly! Bet you’re so excited about that! Funny thing happened yesterday. I was in the car, driving, (of course) and I heard the radio announcer ask a question about a Christmas song. I happened to know the answer AND remember the phone number as she rattled it off (a miracle in and of itself) so I called in. I called about 5 times til I got through! I won a body wrap at a spa that’s worth about $130! Awesome eh? So then I just HAD to borrow my brother in law’s ipod and listen to hear myself on the radio. I actually didn’t sound too much like an idiot! So that was my exciting moment for the…year. hehe. Well, I’ve gotta go get my packing…started. oops. Here’s a little something to make you SOO jealous. Muwhahaa. (that is my evil laugh)


  1. Having fun in Hawaii? Hope the weather isn’t too bad for ya. Have fun!

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