Me, Myself, and NOT Jessie

Cassy tagged me…I guess I’m supposed to tell you guys 5+1 random facts about me.

6 Facts about Jessica:

1. Don’t call me Jessie. (don’t!)
2. I watch Friends on an endless loop. I’m finishing up season 10 for the third time since we moved home at the end of April.
3. I was Hannah Montana for Halloween. I love that show! 😀 (I included a pic)
4. I love paper. And ribbon. And letters. I love to scrapbook, so there is a reason to buy every pattern, color, and shape I want. (well, not a reason, but an excuse for sure!)
5. I will not eat french fries without ranch dressing to dip them in.
6. I really love my TV shows. When someone mentions doing something on a Thursday night, I mentally make sure all my shows will be taped before I say yes. (and we have DVR!)

So there you go. 6 random facts about me, myself, and I. Bet that was fun to read.

Oh yeah…rocking it!

My #1 fan!


  1. Um…why did you say 10 acts about you in the little intro and then only give 6? Why leave us hanging like that!? I need more info! hehe. LOVE your Hannah Montana costume!

  2. I love your costume too, I really like the large window behind you. I like lots of windows, something we are short of in this house! Thanks for sharing, I have been tagged by Cassy also:0)

  3. Oh jessica….You’re a weirdo, but I think that’s why I love you! Um yeah, for shizzle on the getting together deal….probably after Christmas…I’m so glad I’m a blogger, it totally makes me feel cool. I should have done it a LONG time ago!

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