Limited Commercial Licenses for CINO Patterns and Tutorials

First off, I want to say that I absolutely love providing my tutorials and patterns here for free, and for you all to enjoy! I think blogs are a fantastic way to share information and learn from each other.  They are a large part of how I learned how to sew myself. I also absolutely adore receiving photos of projects you’ve made using my tutorials. Sewing is a source of great joy in my life and I love sharing it with you, along with any tricks and tips I’ve picked up along the way.

I have been asked about selling items using my tutorials, and I’ve usually said no, but felt a little bad about it. After all, many of you are just like me-stay at home moms who are trying to help out our household in any way we can, just trying to provide and care for our families. However, I do spend a lot of time working on my tutorials and patterns for you guys, and have been trying to think of a way to be fair to all of us in regards to selling items…

So, with that said, I’ve decided I can further both of our causes by starting to sell a Limited Commercial License on some of my patterns / tutorials.

What this gives you…

You will have permission to sell items made with the tutorials / patterns found here on Craftiness is not Optional (handmade by the purchaser of course, no mass production).

One Limited Commercial License = One pattern / tutorial specified.


(PATTERN NOT INCLUDED WITH LICENSE if pattern is for sale)


Also, one License must be purchased for each person who makes or sells the tutorial / pattern (although once you purchase you will not need to renew the license; it’s good for as many products as you are capable of making by hand).

I still retain copyright on the tutorial / pattern itself (which means that you still may not copy the tutorial / pattern itself and reproduce or distribute without permission).

Lastly, when selling or listing the tutorials / patterns, design credit must be given to Craftiness is not Optional.

Your Paypal receipt will suffice as documentation of the license if needs be.

Please contact me at: craftinessisnotoptional AT gmail DOT com with any further questions. Thanks!


Pattern/Tutorial Requested (please specify with the name of the tutorial/pattern)

 Patterns/Tutorials available:

Lulu Dress/top Pattern

Junebug Pattern

Olivia top

Nessie top

Pretty in Pleats top
The Bapron
Pleated Headband 
Whale Softie
Ice Cream Social dress
Pretty Easy Sundress
Anthropologie knock off dress
The Scallop shirt
Summer Lovin’ top
Rachel Wrap
The Sadie shirt
The Lucky dress
The Leah tunic
Charlotte dress
Anna dress
Nae Nae Apron
Meat and Potatoes felt food
Felt Movie snacks (popcorn, bag, chocolate bar, and wrapper)
Utensil Stocking
Trick or Treat bag
BOO letters
Child’s gathered apron
Fabric waffles
Barbie® dress
Barbie® cap sleeve top
Easy Barbie® skirt 
Froufy Barbie® skirt
Barbie® Knit top
Barbie Ball Gown
Baby T-shirt headband
Crib Book/toy Holder